Frequently Asked Questions

What are the media through which Gloria Radio is available?

Gloria radio is primarily available on two platforms. On your computer through any internet browsers by visiting you could listen to Gloria Radio. In addition to this Gloria Radio is also available on all mobile devices like phones, tablets etc., with following operating systems

How do I subscribe to Gloria Radio? How much does it cost?

You don’t need any subscription to get Gloria Radio. It is absolutely free of charge and you may access this service anytime from anywhere in the world through internet and mobile devices.

What kind of internet connection is required for accessing Gloria Radio on my computer at home?

We are broadcasting Gloria Radio contents at CD quality (128Kbps). So we recommend a net connection with at least 256Kbps or more to have an uninterrupted reception of Gloria Radio.

Do I need a data plan to access Gloria Radio on my mobile device?

Yes and No. It depends on your device and availability of internet/data connection. If your device allows Wi-Fi, you may connect your device to any available Wi-Fi hotspots or home/work Wi-Fi network and listen to Gloria Radio. In case your mobile does not allow Wi-Fi or you are not near any Wi-Fi hotspot then you need a data plan from your mobile service provider to listen to Gloria Radio. A 3G or 4G connection is needed and it is available from your service provider for a monthly subscription fees. Also please note that some of the plans may have a limit on the usage and you will have to pay the applicable charges to your service provider in case you exceed the usage limit. The good news is that Gloria Radio is not a data-hogger application and you can listen to it with very minimal data usage.

How can I access Gloria Radio on my mobile phone?

Gloria Radio can be accessed using three different methods on your smart phone.

1. Using our Free Mobile Applications for iOS and Android platforms. Please click this link Mobile Apps for more details.
2. Through Gloria Radio website.
3. Using free apps like TuneIn Radio, XiiaLive, Winamp etc.

1. Steps to download our Mobile Apps:-

Step-01: Please goto iPhone App Store or Android App Store (Google Play Store) from your smart phone.

Step-02: Search for Gloria Radio app by entering keyword "Gloria Radio" in the search field.

Step-03: Select Gloria Radio app from the search result and install it.

Gloria Radio Player 2. Steps for tuning into Gloria Radio through website:-

Step-01: Please login to website using the web browser on your mobile phone.

Step-02: Locate your mobile operating system icon placed underneath the default embedded player on the website. For example, if you are using iPhone please look for an Apple logo or if you are using an Android phone please look for an Android logo.

Step-03: Click on the logo and Gloria Radio should be opened in the default player of your phone.

TuneIn Radio Player 3. Steps for tuning into Gloria Radio through Mobile Applications:-

Step-01: Open App Store in your mobile phone and search for the keyword “Tune In”. From the search results, select the free application called TuneIn Radio and install it in your phone.

Step-02: Once the installation is completed open TuneIn Radio from the installed applications list. Click on the search icon Search Buttonfound at the top section of the application.

Step-03: Enter keyword “Gloria” in the search text box and click search button.

Step-04: You will get a list of internet radios that are having word “Gloria” in its name.
As of now “Gloria Radio” is second on the list.

Step-05: Click on the “Gloria Radio” listing to tune in and listen to the radio.

Step-06: Once radio starts playing you will be able to add it to your favorites list by clicking on the Heart symbol Favorite Button found on the top section of the radio.
You may download, install and use XiiaLive and WinAmp apps using similar steps explained above.

How can I listen to Gloria Radio in my car? Is it available in FM or AM?

No it’s not available on FM or AM. But you may listen to Gloria Radio in your car, while driving, using your mobile phone with a data plan subscription from your service provider. You can connect your mobile to your car audio system using a simple stereo cable. Most of the car audio systems allow an AUX connection from an external device. You will be able to find out this AUX stereo connection port anywhere on the front panel of your car audio system. Once you connect your mobile phone to this port, you can switch your car audio system to its AUX mode and listen to Gloria Radio through your cars built in speakers. Please note that there are commercially available devices like portable FM transmitters and Bluetooth transmitters using which you may connect your phone to car audio system in a wireless mode.

I am on this website but not able to hear any audio playing?

Gloria Radio is designed to play using a default flash player embedded on the header section of this website. And also it is setup to start the player as soon as you enter this website. Please make sure that the player is visible and it is in the play mode. You can see a timeline counter incrementing if radio is playing through the embedded player. If no player is visible then latest flash player is not installed in your machine. Please download and install flash player and try again. If you find the player in play mode and still no sound, please make sure that the volume of the computer is not set to mute or at a lower level and also make sure that your speakers are connected and turned on. Still not able to listen to the radio? Please try clicking on one of the external player buttons found directly below the default player. There are options for opening Gloria Radio in Microsoft Media Player, Win Amp Player, Real Player and Quick Time Player.

I want to play Gloria Radio on my favorite player, don’t want to keep the website open all the time. How can I do this?

You may start playing Gloria Radio in an external player using the buttons provided directly below the default player. There are options for opening Gloria Radio in Microsoft Media Player, Win Amp Player, Real Player and Quick Time Player. Click on your favorite player button to open Gloria Radio in it externally. Once the radio starts playing in your external player you may close the website.

I am at my work place and behind a firewall protected network. Not able to play Gloria Radio. Please help!

We provide an exclusive streaming link for users like you. Port 8080 is not blocked in many work networks as the common internet communications are done through this port. We broadcast Gloria Radio through this port and this stream can be accessed by clicking on the Port80 Streaming icon found directly below the default player. You need WinAmp player installed in your machine for playing this stream.

Can I detach Gloria Radio default player from the website for a low profile look on my desktop?

Yes, you will able to detach the embedded player from the web page by clicking on the + symbol found at the bottom right corner of the player. Once the player is detached from the website, you may close the web page and still continue listen to Gloria Radio.

How can I mute or control the volume when using the default player?

There is a mute button and also a volume control slider available on the default player.

How do I get more information like Singer, Director, Album etc., about the track that is currently playing?

Our player is designed to show all these details and in addition it should also display the Album Art image if available. Current song title, Singers, Album and other details are displayed within the player just above the play/stop button. To the left side of this button you will be able to see the current album art if available in the database. If not album art available for a song then Gloria Radio logo will be displayed instead. In addition to this we have a dedicated web page for displaying more details about all the featuring albums and artists. Please use menu “Featured” to access this web page.

Why am I not able to skip the current song and move forward? Also I am not able to fast forward or rewind it?

Please note that Gloria Radio is not a music player that allows track skipping, rewind, fast forward etc. It is a radio station that works just like a traditional AM or FM station. And the only difference from an AM or FM station is that it runs on internet and mobile devices. Even though you are not allowed to do above operations you will be able to stop or pause the player and restart again using the Play/Stop button found on the embedded player.

Player is showing “Buffering…” very often and I am not able to listen to the songs at that time. Why it happening and what is the solution for it?

Gloria Radio is broadcasting all of its contents in CD Quality (128Kbps). Buffering happens when the internet connection speed goes low. We recommend having an internet connection with a minimum speed of 256Kpbs or more for having an uninterrupted listening experience of Gloria Radio. Please note that the actual connection speed of your internet may be much less than the announced speed during some peak usage times.

I am playing Gloria Radio on my mobile and while driving it stops playing in between and restart after a while. Is there any fix for this problem?

When you are playing Gloria Radio on your mobile while travelling, you are depending on the 3G or 4G data connection from your service provider. Just like your phone reception, data service reception also depends on the availability of the transmission range of the nearby towers. There will be some areas where in there are no reception available. When you enter such areas then the radio stops playing for a while and it automatically restart once you enter back into an area where there is reception. This is the way mobile networks works and we have no control over this.

I have been listening to Gloria Radio and I like it a lot. I would like to share it with my friends. How can I do it?

You may share Gloria Radio to your friends many different ways. You may click on the Share Button found on our website footer and use it to send an email to your friends. Or if you have a Facebook Account you can directly share and embed Gloria Radio player on your friends or groups or page timeline using the Facebook Share button found on the same footer area of this website. This method allows the Facebook users to play and listen to Gloria Radio within Facebook itself. As an alternative you can share our Facebook page itself to your friends and invite them to like it. Here is the link to our Facebook page : Our Facebook page also features an embedded player using which you may listen to Gloria Radio while browsing Facebook. Please use Listen Live link found on the page to play it first and then start browsing Facebook.

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