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Gloria Radio Player Thank you for visiting Gloria Radio! We are happy to let you know that Gloria Radio now available on various Mobile Devices through our exclusive Mobile Apps. These mobile apps are provided for the convenience of our listeners who are interested in accessing our audio stream through their mobile devices. These apps also allow to connect with us in different ways including Email, Facebook and Twitter. It also allows the user to browse this website through their mobile device without using any built in device browsers. Please download your version using the links provided below. Plesae dont forget to rate these apps in market place and also send us a note if you find any issues or you have any suggestions to improve these apps in the future releases.

You may also go to Apple App Store or Google Play store from your mobile phone and search for our app by entering keyword "Gloria Radio" in the search field. This search will provide a list of radios that contais this keywords. Please go to the page of Gloria Radio and install it.

Apple Devices (iOS)
Please download Gloria Radio iOS App from the Apple Store by clicking on this App Store button given below.

Get it on App Store

Android Devices (Requires 2.1 and Up)
Please download Gloria Radio Android App from the Google Play Store by clicking on this Play Store button given below.

Get it on Google Play Store

Other Mobile Devices
Gloria Radio Mobile Apps for other operating systems including Windows, Blackberry, Nokia - Symbian OS etc are currently under development. Meanwhile please find it listed in TuneIn Radio. Please click below TuneIn Radio button to go to their web site, download and install TuneIn Radio app for your device. Once installed please search for the key word "Gloria Radio" within the app and you will find our radio listed in there.

Get TuneIn Radio

Application Screen Shots
Please take look how the Apps are going to appear in your mobile devices using below screen shots.

feedback feedback feedback feedback
feedback feedback feedback feedback
Gloria inExcelSis